by salmon



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released March 31, 2016

Album artwork by the ever-dexterous Skye Lane.

Many thanks to Andrew Bush at Grandma's Warehouse Recording Studio
for providing me with his wonderful recording engineer skills.

All music and lyrics written, recorded, and
produced by salmon / Sanam Tiffany
[with the exception of Fugazi's "I'm So Tired"].



all rights reserved


salmon Topanga Canyon, California

sanam le'a tiffany
~ ~ A K A ~ ~

//19//somnolent//sometimes sonorous

los angeles // oberlin, oh

contact: stiffany@oberlin.edu

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Track Name: Apology 1
Young and lost I would say
That my hope grew every day
That someday I'd find a home in you

Angry and blue I grew older
Makin' my heart that much colder
Still hoping that someday I'd break through

Now I'm 14 years old and I'm crying
Cuz I know every day that I live I am dying
And you know that you're hurting me by holding me too tight
And you know that you're bruising me by hoping you were right

Well I may be young and I may be stupid
But at least I'm dumb enough to be kissed by Cupid
Cuz I'd rather have that, then have nothing at all
I'd rather have that than my portrait on a wall

And I'm so sorry that I'm not smart enough
And I'm so sorry that I'm not good enough

All I'm asking is for a chance to see
How beautiful people are
How beautiful the world can be
Track Name: Keyed Up
I don't mind
For you to lie
To me

Fake it through
Like you love her
And you should
Track Name: Scooty the Gun
As sure as I've become I still feel so blue
That's why I say I dream more often than I really do
I've been watching anxiously through the cracks
While I try to gain my mind and my heart back

And though I'm scared to be anyone else
I'm terrified to look into a mirror when I'm by myself
Because I can't help but know what I feel and do
And even though I'm far away I feel like I'm near to you

Others say that this is love but maybe I'm just foolish
Because everything seems easier than working right through it
And I no longer understand the direction we will take
What was once devotion now seems to be a lasting break

And maybe I'm just young and blind but I truly love you
And as daft as I feel saying it I know you love me too
As much as I want this to work maybe it just won't
But please know that within you I've found a home
Track Name: Like Milk and Honey
I could kiss the way
That you say my name
When it's late at night
or maybe early in the morning

When my mind is clouded
With vermillion hues
And your breath is as deep
as my heart is open

My burgeoning love
With each cattleya locution
Dripping from your lips

Soft and slow and sweet
Like milk and honey
And I could lose myself in you
13 times a day

But I can't complain
For being lost
In a place so familiar
And to me so opulent

I find myself again
When the moon slinks in
To illuminate the contours of your body
and remind me that I am home
Track Name: Mama Mary
save my heart
it's growing weary
and it's falling apart

and god
oh where'd you go
with my best friend
in the seat of that car

and jesus
my friends sin and they bleed
and that's alright with me
as long as I'm the one hurting
and when it is cold
I pray they feel the warm

and joseph
give my papa your strength
to put down his drinks
and lift his head high

and abel
did you forgive cain?
or does blood not run
no thicker than water

but moses
oh now where do I go
when I am bursting at the seams
and my head is heavy
with doubt and dismay
but full of love all the same

so mama
hear my words if you will
i think we'll make it through
Track Name: Little Electric Lamb
he once said
i love when it curls
up round my ears
and i said i know
cuz that’s what i feel with you
when it’s still out
and the twilight’s started bathing you in blue

and i hope you’ll sit on my tongue
like the sweetest tab
all of these colors
didn’t know humans could have
and all of these feelings too
coming from secret nooks
showing me all the beauty of you

so let us sit beneath
a sky deep and red
brimming with sleeping lights
gone but not dead
tomorrow they’ll come back
to kiss the lines of your face
and make me feel right on track

little electric lamb
sweet holy b
stolen from under their nose
and running through the trees
into the warmest place
that i could ever find
full of the things that remind me you’re mine
Track Name: Apology 2
when i was 13 i barely slept
putting blades to my wrist to feel what was left
i’m much wiser now but not less scared
and im not quite jaded but goddamn i feel a bit marred

i owe myself all the love that i’ve failed to show
to my mind, to my body, to all that has grown
cuz i’m worth my own fucking time
and if you fail to see that, it’s by no fault of mine

in a world that feeds off of making you feel wrong
one of the greatest rebellions is getting strong
so even if the world won’t love me, i still can
because drowning for so long made me realize how much i love land

so now i can’t be phased with fools who only attempt to hurt
for from myself, in the past, i’ve heard the worst
and what a fool was i for giving in
berating myself based on standards i didnt believe in

there’s only one piece of advice i am ready to give
to appreciate your own ability to live
in all the ways that you feel are right
cuz that’s what you deserve when you’re alone in the night